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Spectrum Environmental has safely controlled thousands of pest problems; and in doing so, has built a solid reputation based on honesty and dedication, delivered at the most competitive prices. Spectrum prides itself in being more than just an exterminator, but a full-service pest control company. Each of our residential and commercial pest control clients begins with a no-obligation-free pest inspection. We tailor our programs to fit your individual pest control needs. No home or business is the same and therefore, each requires a custom approach while still maintaining the best value. Spectrum Environmental Pest Control offers a wide variety of pest management solutions including but not limited to general residential and commercial pest services as well as specialty pest control including rodent removal and bed bug services.

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Spectrum protects homes, inside and out, from unwanted invaders with its residential pest control maintenance programs. The most common pest complaints heard in Ventura/Santa Barbara/ Los Angeles area are ants, and black and brown widow spiders. Many Southern California spiders are unsightly and can even pack a powerful venomous bite. Black widows are a common occurrence and even the brown widow is a major issue for some homeowners. 

When present, ticks and fleas need to be controlled immediately due to their ability to transmit dangerous diseases including:

  • West Nile Virus
  • Lyme Disease

The lush vegetation and moderate climate in Santa Barbara and Ventura areas foster amazing shelter and breeding grounds for rodent pests such as rats, and mice. Other outdoor landscape pests in the area include earwigs, silverfish, and beetles. Each regular home pest control visit includes various methods of ant control, roaches control, and spider removal, ALONG WITH ALL OTHER CRAWLING INSECTS. Other home pest services for ticks, fleas, and bees may require a custom service to perform.

As residents of our Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles Counties communities do their part to safeguard our environment, Spectrum Pest strives as well to be an integral part of this most important initiative. Pest management professionals all over the world are becoming more environmentally responsible and Spectrum is leading the way in Southern California by using green and organic pest control standards since 1998.

Spectrum’s commitment to you and the environment is to deliver a safe and effective service each time they arrive at your door. Organic and green pest control methods and the least toxic methods are in many cases a better way to control pest problems. By utilizing the latest technologies in the industry, pests can be controlled effectively and in an eco-friendly manner. PROTECTING YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR PETS, AND YOUR NEIGHBORS.

Spectrum includes general rodent control services as an important component of its overall residential pest program. And there is no additional cost to maintain effective mice or rat control at your property. Mice and rats gnaw their way into crawl space areas, wall voids, garages, and behind counters. They are in constant search of moisture, food, and shelter. 

Other rodent problems can fester in outdoor locations under thick bushes or in patches of ground ivy. Once detected by a thorough pest inspection, mice and rats need to be sealed off from the shelter indoors and controlled outdoors. Spectrum Environmental customers and clients appreciate the peace of mind of knowing that rodent control is included in each general bi-monthly or quarterly pest control service. 

Wasp and Bee Removal

Bees are best left alone. They contribute enormously to our landscape vegetation and assist our valued crop farmers and orchards in Southern California. Sometimes, however, bee removal is the best option. 

Professional bee removal becomes necessary if a beehive is in an area with allergic people nearby, or if small children are in danger. Imagine a beehive established on the grounds near the front entrance of a hospital. IN OR AROUND YOUR HOME, OR IN A TREE OR SHRUB ON YOUR PROPERTY NEAR YOUR HOME In these certain circumstances, it is important to quickly remove the beehive and relocate it elsewhere. ( WE DON’T RELOCATE WE ERADICATE) WE CAN  REFER A BEE REMOVAL SERVICE WHEN NEEDED) And where better a place for bee relocation than a California orchard!

Cockroaches are a menace to every home that has a kitchen, and obviously, that means every home! Roaches can be dangerous as their numbers can quickly grow exponentially. The old myth about seeing one roach means there could be hundreds hiding is absolutely true. Roaches spread bacteria as they scurry about. As a roach infestation grows, it can even cause severe allergic reactions for homeowners and their children. Roach control is the best method for keeping them away.