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We have a commitment to excellence when it comes to all our bed bug removal services. Our experienced team of exterminators is available 24/7 to provide you with the highest quality service possible. No matter the severity of the infestation, we will work hard to make sure you have a safe and comfortable home again. Contact us today to learn more about our bed bug extermination services and the different treatment options taylored for your situation.


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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial and Industrial Pest Management

Spectrum Environmental performs commercial pest control services throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. Commercial property owners strive to maximize their return on investment by offering the best possible real estate options for their tenants. All commercial properties must maintain an environment free of unwanted pests inside through professional commercial pest control maintenance.

Commercial and industrial real estate in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties are prone to ant and cockroach infestation as well as other types of pests which can threaten a tenant’s employees and even their patrons. Timely and effective bee removal is a must for threatening beehives that develop onsite.

Also, most commercial investment properties have large waste receptacles and sometimes host food establishments. These are prime locations for rodent (mice and rats) infestations and cockroach problems. Spectrum includes rodent control and general pest control in each of its commercial pest management bids. The inviting fair-weather conditions of Southern California not only attract its residents but pests as well.

Let Spectrum provide you with a commercial pest control estimate to help keep pests from bothering your tenants. Our company’s experience in delivering quality pest control in Ventura as well as Thousand Oaks, can protect your commercial investment. Spectrum Environmental commercial pest management also includes multi-family residential pest control and restaurant pest control services as well.


Here are the different pest control services we offer:

  • Rat and mice eradication inside and outside
  • Rodent Proofing
  • Bee, Wasp, and Yellow Jacket Removal
  • Ant Control
  • Flea Treatments
  • Black Widow Spider Removal
  • Bed Bug Inspections
  • Bed Bug Exterminator Services
  • Rat and Mouse Extermination
  • Attic cleanup from rodent and pigeon infest